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Practices of the transportation department staff.

1. Must dry the clothes, do not take off the shirt

2. Talk politely and do not argue with customers.

3. Cooperate with customers in every The side that children ask for cooperation

4. Carefully place products without damaging plastic bags and damaged products.

5. Must be patient and not rush to load the clothes from customers.

6. Absolutely no smoking when using clothes or getting into clothes.

7. Every week, children must switch to send clothes in each car. Do not go to the same car every week.

8. If one day is not sent to send clothes outside to work as assigned by the company.

Car care and traffic regulations

1. Check 12 topics according to the automobile maintenance result sheet.

2. Do not drive faster than the law.

3. Strictly complying with traffic regulations

4. If the car is found to have a problem or is broken, immediately notify the department head. In order to receive the office for repair

The objective To ensure that the needle detector is in a normal condition, ready to use efficiently, without affecting Regarding insecurity for customers

Transportation department

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