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Taking care of cleanliness
1. Clean the area of ​​responsibility and arrange the items neatly at all times

2. Park the car clothes order.



Check the oil that drips into the fabric while the machine is running.

1. Immediately remove the fabric and turn off the cooling fans and chimney fans.

2. Open the check box to see where the oil drops. Check the cleanliness as well as check that leaks from the roof of the cabinet or not.

3. Absolutely do not wipe the oil while the machine is running.


Maintenance of machinery and working equipment

      The maintenance of the machinery and equipment will be checked according to the inspection and maintenance schedule of the machine. (PM-06-11) and a table to check the chimney on the roof of the STD (PM-06-15), which will determine which equipment and when to check.


Caution in the operation

1. Let the staff behind the machine and the staff keep an eye on the fabric throughout the machine, and if anyone goes anywhere, let their friendsJoin or head first In order to be careful not to let the fabric fall, fall or tilt

2. Switch

Baking / stator department

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