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Round-resin baking department

Safety precautions when working

1. Getting the laundry into the machine

   1.1 Need to sew the fabric head every time the fabric is brought into the machine.

   1.2 Attach the fabric to the iron, pull the fabric far away from the iron for a long time.

   1.3 Slowly put the iron in the machine, do not iron

   1.4 Spin the wheel to open the air, lift the roller.

   1.5 Pull the fabric head away from the roller. Close the air. Squeeze the roller.

   1.6 Turn on the dryer and wait and see if the fabric head is out of the iron's head.

         The fabric head may attach iron between the joints.

2. Setting the iron

   2.1 When finding the desired size of steel

   2.2 Tighten all the bolts that locked the iron.

   2.3 Steel pants to the desired size. Measuring head - medium - end

   2.4 Must set the steel equal to the head and the end every time.

   2.5 Tighten all the locking screws.

3. Wiping oil that drips while the machine is running.

   3.1 To cut the fabric

   3.2 Pull the iron out of the machine.

   3.3 Do not go up to check the oil while the machine is running.

4. Tapping

   4.1 If there is a torn fabric in the middle of the fold, stop the machine and then handle it.

   4.2 Pull the torn marks out and then can turn on the fabric

   4.3 Do not touch the cracks while the machine is running.

5. The safety equipment in the department is to cover the nose when wearing it back.

6. Do not push the car into a cloth backwards, will cause the car to step on the feet.

7. Do not listen to music while working.

8. If the hair is long, do not let the hair tidy up before working.

9. While scrubbing or cleaning the floor Practitioners should walk or act with greater caution.

10. Moving by hand

   10.1 Consider your own physical ability, "Can you handle it?"

   10.2 Place your feet about 8-12 inches away from the object. Separate the legs slightly forPoised

   10.3 Crunching or stinking With your back straight and hold the item steady with your palm

   10.4 Lift the object straight up With the knees being a straight weight part, use leg strength, never use the back power

   10.5 Laying down objects Then use the same principles as lifting items

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