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Certification standards


        I certify that this company Registered corporate According to the Civil and Commercial Code

On June 26, 1996, juristic person registration number 0705539000467

Appeared in the list in accordance with the juristic person registration document on the date of issuance of this letter as follows

1. Company Name Thai Aree Intertex Company Limited

2. There are 4 directors of the company as follows

                        1. CHEN , JING - SHEN            3. CHIRAKON  CHANPITIRAT

                        2. I - HUI , CHEN                       4. CHI - NING , CHAN 


3. The number or names of directors who can sign to bind the company are One director

     Sign and seal of the company ฯ

4. Registered capital 109,000,000.00 baht / One hundred nine million baht only 

5. Headquarters Located at 31/4 Moo 9, Khao Khlung Subdistrict

    Ban Pong District Ratchadamnoen Ratchaburi / Branch Office is located (1) No. 87/18 Village No. 10, Om Noi Subdistrict Krathum Baen District Samut Sakhon Province

6. There are 42 objectives of the company as shown in the 3 copies of the documents attached to this certificate. The signature of the registrar, which certifies the documents and seal the office of the partnership of the company

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