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Fabric Printing Department
Our company has 3 types of fabric printing, including
1. Reactive color is used to print Cotton Silk fabrics and various natural fabric types.
2. Pigment color can be used to print both natural and synthetic fabrics.
3. Transfer paper machine Can print both Cotton and Fabric
Fabric sample
Dye department
Thai Aree Company can dye many types of fabrics, both direct and reactive colors. The needs of customers are diverse. Including yarns that have
- Poly Micro  - TK 
   Fabric, cut, sports shirts, polo shirts of all kinds
- T / C - CVC  Rayon  Direct colors and reactive colors
- Nylon and Nylon 66
- White cotton dye for printing
- T / C , CVC   T-size dye
- Poly dyeing for dolls, shoes, curtains, and all kinds of furniture.
Sample of dyed fabric
Scraping department
     Able to scrape all types of fabric For the fabric that needs less hair, then can scrape all types of fabric Can cut all kinds of fabric, can shake the clothes Can cut the CVC fabric and can be combed to fluff. We have a towel scraper, Tricot scraper, a cloth cutter, a cloth shaker, a hair comb.
Examples of scraping feathers
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